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Lawrence Lessig is a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the Center for Internet and Society. Professor Lessig represented web site operator Eric Eldred in the ground-breaking case Eldred v. Ashcroft, a challenge to the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. He has won numerous awards, including the Free Software Foundation's Freedom Award, and was named one of Scientific American's Top 50 Visionaries, for arguing "against interpretations of copyright that could stifle innovation and discourse online."

Professor Lessig is the author of Free Culture (2004), The Future of Ideas (2001), Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace (1999) and Code 2.0 (2006). He chairs the Creative Commons project, and serves on the board of the Free Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Public Library of Science, and Public Knowledge. He is also a columnist for Wired.

Jonathan Zittrain is an internationally known cyberlaw scholar and currently visiting Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, on leave from Oxford University where he is Professor of Law and Chair in Internet Governance and Regulation and a principal of the Oxford Internet Institute.

His recent research includes the study of Internet filtering by national governments, the role of intermediaries as points of control in Internet architecture, and the taxation of Internet commerce.

He co-founded the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, and coordinates a significant research and teaching relationship between the Berkman Centre and the Oxford Internet Institute as the Berkman Visiting Professor at Harvard.

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This sounds awesome. Is it open to the public?


Yes, it's free and open to the public. I can't be there, but I thought it was worth posting. They say Zittrain is a great speaker.