56 Shoreditch High Street
London, England E1 6JZ

Please join us to thrash out Facebook Platform: share ideas, troll for partners on your latest project, check out app demonstrations, seek developer support direct from Facebook Developers, or just socialize with people like you.

The Facebook Platform Team will give an introduction to Platform, discuss best practices around product design & viral marketing techniques, and hold a technical Q&A.

Please come ready to share, participate, and absorb new ideas along with other Facebook app developers.

This is a free event. Venue is kindly sponsored by www.techlightenment.com

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=3293855205

Added by tobyberesford on July 27, 2007



Attending and looking for FB developers who can help develop and have ideas for further development of the viewmy.tv live TV app:


The postcode is actually E1 6JJ (for those who want to look it up on a map).

Judith Lewis - deCabbit

I didn't realise I had to RSVP through Facebook and request an invite to this thing - GAH!


I didn't reallise the RSVP through facebook part either :-(

Well at least I get to go on a trip to London.


Hi Guys
People who have confirmed on Upcoming are also on the guest list.
Don't worry you're in!
I'm cloising the guest list on upcoming now though.

Judith Lewis - deCabbit

*phew* My invite is still listed as "requested" over on Facebook and I was worried. Have been looking forward to this and Girl Geeks all week!


Thanks for the update Toby. :-)