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I heard a lot of whining recently about how we seem to be having a bunch of Lunch 2.0’s in “the city” and not enough in the cradle of Lunch 2.0 civilization: Silicon Valley. Bah! Do you have any idea how much work it is to take credit for all these events that other people do?

Have you heard of the high-flying social network in Palo Alto called Facebook. Well, all the hard work has paid off. Sure it took placing some well placed bribes (like creating a Lunch 2.0 group on Facebook) and breaking out the wooden spoons (don’t ask), but we finally convinced them to host a Lunch 2.0, even though the company is bursting at the seams and space is tight—something about “growing so fast that the caterers are freaking out.”

Sure, that means that this Lunch is going to be in the evening…as a happy hour. But it promises to be just as geeky as ever: Check out the apps built at their latest hackathon, learn more about how you can build technology on the kick-ass Facebook Platform, enjoy a snack (note to Facebook: I’m partial to Cheetos and Frito Lays… and watermelon :-D ).

Developers + Happy Hour + Lunch 2.0 = Awesometown

Space may be limited so please RSVP early.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2584562232

Added by tychay on July 12, 2007



facebook won't let me see the page.. i think because i'm not in the caltech network. but not sure. any idea how to fix this?


im here new and want to meet nice people


I can't seem to get there either!