26 Windsor Street
Brighton & Hove, England BN1 1RJ

An informal meet-up to discuss issues around developing Facebook apps. I know this is really soon after the last one but there were quite a few people who didn't get to go last time :)

Added by danny.hope on July 5, 2007



Damn it Danny... that is too impatient, I can't get there till next Thursday and guess it will all be over by then!


yeah, i'm just on the train to the chinwag .. can't do tonight :-(


I've just realized that I've put completely the wrong date in.


I've just fixed the date. I'm an idiot. Sorry if you turned up and there was nobody there (also sorry if you turned up and there were loads of people there because it means I've missed out).


So yet again I can't come! This time you have conspired with greater powers to ensure this coincides with my wife's birthday!


@james2mccarthy your wife said the best gift I could give would be to get you out of the house for an evening :)


Right, moved again -0 this time to Monday 16th. I'm not moving it again :)


I'll be dialing in from Crete then ;)


Is there anything else like this in London? I'll still try to make it, just checking though.

John Thompson

Is this still going ahead? Only two people attending so far - and one's the organiser!