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Federal Aviation Administration Market Research Conference
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is conducting a market survey for a planned procurement to develop and mature continuous, lower energy, emissions, and noise (CLEEN) technologies for civil subsonic jet aircraft. These technologies will help achieve the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) goals to reduce aviation noise and air quality impacts in absolute terms, despite anticipated capacity growth, and still to limit or reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions impacts. The CLEEN program will focus on more efficient energy use and advancing alternative fuels for aviation. The goals of this effort are to: (1) mature previously conceived noise, emissions, and fuel burn reduction technologies to enable industry to expedite integration of these technologies into current and future aircraft; and (2) assess and advance the development of alternative “drop in” aviation fuels, with a focus on renewable fuels.

The CLEEN program will include:

1) Developing and demonstrating:

Certifiable aircraft technology that increases aircraft fuel efficiency by 25 percent relative to 1997 subsonic aircraft technology, and which reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
Certifiable engine technology that reduces landing and takeoff cycle
(LTO) nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent, without increasing other gaseous or particle emissions, over the ICAO standard adopted in 2004;
Certifiable aircraft technology that reduces noise levels by 10 dB at each of the three certification points relative to 1997 subsonic jet aircraft technology; and
The extent to which new engine and aircraft technologies may be used to retrofit or re-engine aircraft to increase the level of penetration into the commercial fleet.
2) Developing and demonstrating:

The feasibility of use of alternative fuels in aircraft systems, including successful demonstration and quantification of benefits; and
Safety and transition strategies that enable “drop in” replacement for petroleum-derived aviation fuels.
This solicitation is being planned as a multi-year, multi-million dollar, cost share effort. Successful bidders are expected to cost share all Federal dollars on a 1:1 basis. The conference will provide opportunities to ask questions, solicit clarification, and offer improvement to the program scope. Teaming discussions with other participants will be encouraged. Those interested in attending this event may register on line beginning April 18, 2008. (A link to the registration website will be provided via email by April 18.)
For further information, contact Jim Skalecky (FAA/Office of Environment and Energy at [email protected]).

Official Website: http://www.jpdo.gov/events.asp?id=12

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