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KINGDOM, 1974-1980 (1986)
Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 5:00 p.m.
This documentary is from the second series of ?Eyes on the Prize? and covers the years 1974-1980, when it became obvious that large segments of U.S. society had reached their limits in terms of what strategies would be accepted to achieve racial equality. The school busing crisis in Boston is examined as well as the strong affirmative action measures taken in constructing the Atlanta airport. This film is an important reminder of how much U.S. society has backed away from the 1970s efforts at trying to make racial equality a reality. As we look at the extensive progress since Brown v. Board, we are also confronted with the factors that have prevented that progress from going further. Directed by Jacqueline Shearer and Paul Stekler. Running time ? 57 minutes."
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