Elephant and Castle
London, England SE1 6SB

"Here are just a few of the ‘burning issues’ that we might tackle at the Forum:

* Standards: is everyone speaking the same language?
* Do educators select students on their mark-making ability – at the expense of communication?
* Do employers regard new talent as a renewable source of cheap labour?
* Is design art? Is it time to separate the two?
* Is it important to have a visually literate nation (in a post-literary world)?"

Jonathan Baldwin (design historian and lecturer, University of Dundee)
Jamie Hobson (Head of Marketing and Admissions, London College of Communication).
Lesley Morris (Design Council),
Tim Molloy (Head of Design, Science Museum)
Simon Sankarayya (Art director, AllofUs)

The chair will be Alan Livingston (Principal, Falmouth College of Arts)

Official Website: http://eyeburningissues1.typepad.com/forum/

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See reports on Eye Forum No.1: Burning Issues linked from the event comments.