859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

From the swamp-hot streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, the Rebirth Brass Band will no doubt stomp their way into your heart, that is, if they don’t already hold a place there. This year they celebrated 30 years of the of heavy funk, traditional compositions and modern “brasstardizations” (like their bizarre send-ups of “Casanova” and “Macarena”). Committed to upholding the tradition of brass bands while at the same time incorporating modern music into their show, their signature brand of heavy funk has placed at the pinnacle of all brass bands. With their reinvention of the brass band genre and their activity in the post-Katrina New Orleans community, Rebirth is a cultural and musical force. A hands-down favorite among the younger generation, Rebirth Brass Band has toured the world over and shared stages with George Clinton, Maceo Parker, Dr. John and more.

The Extra Action Marching Band is a collision of big band and ecstatic turmoil. Despite their name they rarely march, but rather shimmy, crawl, mob and charge. Trumpets pounce like eagles and tubas drip ass-bouncing blurps from fat fingers. Drums shudder under wild eyed and white knuckled drummers, and through it all winds the flag team; glittering and sinuous creatures who masterfully pulsate pom-poms in a hypnotic fantasy. The listener is hoodwinked, soaked, and savaged into giddy abandon. Powerful and empowering, the Extra Action Marching Band seduces the pre-civilized will. They are immediate and visceral - more of a sweaty invitation than a show. They are a parody of idioms with shattering volume - guerrilla theater with the rug rolled up. Extra Action has performed in back alleys and at the Hollywood Bowl, they have played Black Sabbath in a synagogue for dancing octogenarians - but the preferred venue is a small locked room with the heat turned up.

Official Website: http://www.extra-action.com/calendar/gig.php?id=468

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