111 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Are you a User Experience Rockstar? Are you a Master UI Coder? Do you know how to work together? Want to network, drink and learn with 100 of your finest peers in San Francisco?

Please join Microsoft and five leading software design firms in the Bay Area as they compete head to head to solve a real-world design problem. This event is exclusively for UX professionals in the Bay Area.

The Contest: Contestants will receive their design problem three days ahead, and the day of the party will compete to finish and present their solutions using Microsoft's new Silverlight technology and Expression Suite of design tools. Attendees watch the solutions come to life, comment and party until the awards ceremony at 9PM. Contestants will be judged by a senior panel of design experts from Microsoft, AdaptivePath, eBay and Yahoo! Every winner receives an Xbox and full set of games. All work will be shown and reviewed publicly by the panel with audience participation. Each party attendee will also receive a copy of Expression Studio, as well as be entered for a door prize of an Xbox 360 plus games.

Please note: You must register through the event web site!

Official Website: https://www.regonline.com/EventInfo.asp?EventId=130030

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sold out.

Jauder Ho

Looking for tix (1 or 2) to this. Please email if available.

jauderho [at] gmail [dot] com