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The word "geometry" might dredge up sweaty-palm memories of classrooms, textbooks, and trying to calculate the volume of a cube. But what if geometry instead meant climbing inside cool, giant 3D shapes, or watching yourself in a big curved mirror as you try to play hopscotch? It turns out that seeing things, moving things, and fitting things together are all ways of exploring geometry. And since we're talking Exploratorium, this exhibition is one where geometry is based on action. Sometimes you'll use your hands, other times your entire body. And always your brain. Geometry Playground, developed by the Exploratorium over the past three years, includes over twenty exhibits and specially commissioned artworks. It then travels to St. Paul, San Diego, and to other cities nationally.

Full Press Release: http://press.exploratorium.edu/geometry-playground-june-2010/

Geometry Playground -- Overview of Exhibits: http://press.exploratorium.edu/geometry-playground-exhibits-overview-june-2010/

Official Website: http://press.exploratorium.edu/geometry-playground-exhibits-overview-june-2010/

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