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Supplied with 3 or more points and lines, we can make a myriad of shapes called polygons. These closed figures include triangles, pentagons, nonegons, and more. Joined together, polygons create an amazing array of patterns found in nature and in handicrafts such as weaving and origami, the Japanese art of paperfolding. For this special presentation, expert geometer and origami impresario Chris Palmer shares his marvelous techniques for folding elaborate forms in paper and silk, while master weavers demonstrate their skills at interlacing patterns. Between the Folds (2009), by Vanessa Gould, will also be shown. This award-winning documentary explores the creative world of master paperfolders—and features the work of Chris Palmer himself. Should inspiration strike, you’ll have a chance to play with shapes and patterns of your own.

Added by ExplOratorium SF on June 10, 2010

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