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Step right up! For one night only, the Exploratorium transforms into a carnival of amazing animal acts, astounding forces of nature, mysterious mind reading, and thrilling games of skill and chance. Within these walls lurk some of the most astonishing phenomena found in nature—the biggest "freak show" of them all. Witness the whimsical and weird! Behold unbelievable technologies and test scientific ideas that defy common sense! Can cosmic rays from the edge of time really pass through the museum? Do animals have more complicated cognition than we ever imagined? Discover some of nature's strangest curiosities at Sideshow Science.

Featured Entertainments:

Special Performance—
Live For One Night Only! 10,000-Mile Bike Race

Inspired by the scandalous playwright and founder of 'pataphysics* Alfred Jarry (Ubu Roi), our Brilliant Company brings you an extraordinary performance unlike any you've ever seen.

Feast your eyes and ears on the riveting race from Jarry's 1906 novel The Supermale. In a fantastic four-day challenge promoting the fictive chemist William Elson's Perpetual Motion Food, a five-man bicycle vies against a locomotive across 10,000 miles of Siberian waste. Prepare to gasp with fear and delight as projectionists, musicians, and narrator alike fill the stage with wonder.

Directed by the estimable Konrad Steiner, this thrilling tale will be visually accompanied by legendary filmmakers Jerome Hiler, Kerry Laitala, Paul Clipson, and Bill Basquin while an electrifying ensemble of eight musicians performs an original score by the talented composer and bandleader Graham Connah. A mere 45 minutes in length, this performance is not to be missed!

*As metaphysics extends beyond the realm of physics, so 'pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions, extends beyond the metaphysical realm to examine reality's contradictions and exceptions.

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6:45 p.m. Tactile Dome available for ages 18+
Space is limited, make reservations at (415) 561-0362.
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After Dark • $14 regular admission • Cash bar

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