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A free introduction, celebration, meditation, and kirtan!

"Mother is mother to every soul in the Universe. She doesn't belong to any one religion." - Sri Kaleshwar

No matter what name we have for the Mother -- Nature, Quan Yin, Kali, Hecate, Shekinah, Yin, Shakti, Gaia - Mother is Mother.

Who is the Mother Divine and why is She so important in spirituality today?

How does experiencing Her essence, directly, change a person's life?

Come experience a divine transmission of the Divine Feminine in San Francisco!

Sri Kaleshwar, www.kaleshwar.org, is one of the most-respected saints in India today. Asked about his major gift to the world, his only reponse is: "My students."

In this inspiring evening program, a group of Sri Kaleshwar's senior-most students share the spiritual potential, the reality, and the eternal fragrance of developing a direct relationship with the Divine Mother through:

- their own personal accounts of experiences with Divine Mother
- ancient sacred knowledge from India
- a discussion of miracles and their impact on the world
- sacred song (bhajans/kirtan)
- a powerful group meditation

Slides of an ancient palm leaf manuscript containing secret knowledge about the nature of this creation, and the Mother & Father Divine (God/Goddess) will be shown during this sacred event.

"My desire is to connect everyone to the Mother - my deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother. Once you enter into your Mother's home, She will take care of you and give you what you really want.
Once you connect to Her, from that point, your real life will start in spirituality. You can start to open the hearts of thousands of people. You can start to give miraculous healings. Then your real life will be fulfilled."
-- Sri Kaleshwar


Official Website: http://www.churchofdivinelineage.org

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