Nottingham, England

I will be attending as a volunteer photographer, anyone wishing to join me and make it a social event are more than welcome.

Official Website:

Added by Psycho Crow on August 23, 2006


art assci (paul)

Rick what's the route and will you be cycling round the course at all?

Is there a route map on the net anywhere?

Psycho Crow

I don't think I will be cycling, I have yet to find out where they want me, if I need to be in several places I may need to cycle. Would have to borrow my other half's bike though.

Maps are all on the marathon website as posted above.

Full marathon:

Half marathon:

Update: I will be aiming to be at the embankment for about 9am, then moving to wollaton park from about 10am, maybe head back to the embankment for 11.30am - 12.00.