85 E 4th St
New York, New York 10003

Theatre Reverb presents a double bill. In 'ExcesSecret Circus,' Olga and Bjorn host this entirely unpredictable production that features audience tampering, two wildly comic ExcessoMimes (Gluttony and Lust), an outlandish game of Operation (you're the doctor!!), video and audio montage, tap dancing, outrageous fun and mild nudity. The spectacle explores contemporary excess and media culture and combines elements of burlesque, physical theater, potty humor and clown. In 'Watch Out! (It's Go Time)' secret agents Olga and Bjorn seem to be up to their usual shenanigans but things take a wicked turn as the end of the world and Division start breathing down their necks. The evening's highlights include a show stopping game of Big Buck Hunter!, a naked garbage bag spectacle, a heart wrenching tin-flute solo, song, dance, video, and implied low-grade pyrotechnics.

Added by Upcoming Robot on February 27, 2009