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Year 2008 is a turning point in the adoption of consumer Smartphone as seen by the rapid sales growth in Apple iPhones, as well as competing smart phone offerings from Nokia, RIM Blackberry, Samsung, SonyEricsson, and OS providers such as Google and Microsoft. The evolutions of the open platform and rich API are breaking down the past technical roadblocks creating exciting new opportunities for mobile application developers. While they offer the opportunity for new applications giving consumers more options, they create significant new challenges for handset makers, carriers, incumbent software and the rest of the mobile value chain:

* How to support open devices which are capable of downloading any number of widgets and apps?
* How to price data plans once users can leverage rich, full-function mobile browsers to surf bandwidth intensive multimedia sites such as YouTube?
* Should carriers continue to subsidize more expensive Smartphone devices, or should they shift to new pricing models incorporating DYI device choices?
* How can startups best exploit this opportunity, and
* How will they need to change their go to market strategies and business models?

Tim Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partner

Ray Taylor, President & CEO, Mobopia
Rob Taylor, Director, Forums, Nokia Americas
Rupert Young, Director, Strategic Business Development, AT&T
Steve Hegenderfer, Group Product Manager, IDEA Team, Microsoft Windows Mobile (ISV Developer Experience & Acceleration)

The VC Taskforce Wireless VC SIG Committee
Chair Person: Manijeh Moghis, President, CommTec Consulting
Program Manager: Rose Mortilla, Yes Partners
Board Members:
Tim Chang, Principal Norwest Venture Partners
Lara Druyen, General Partner, Allegis Capital
Jodi Sherman Jahic, Principal, Voyager Capital
Rohini Chakravarthy, Principal, New Enterprise Associates
Valerie Buckingham, Director, Technology Marketing, Nokia

$45 - 95.

Official Website: http://www.VCTaskForce.com

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