2961 16th Street Across from the 16th BART Station
San Francisco, California 94127

You?ve seen it many times, but you?ve never seen it LIVE on stage?until now.

Evil Dead: Live is an over-the-top, theatrical presentation that remains faithful and pays tribute to the true essence of the Evil Dead Series as created by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. Containing elements from all three movies, Evil Dead: Live follows the story of Ash as he unknowingly unleashes the dark powers of the Necromonicon and must battle zombies and demons from hell to save his soul. It?s loud. It?s live. It?s scary. And it?s going to get real bloody.

Produced by Demon13z Productions

Featuring:Robert Selander, Amanda Dolan, Katie Hellier, Gwen Hellier,
Chris Bowen, Shannon Estes, Kun Shin, Albert Tsang, Tom Dresner, Mark Schwartz, Eric Brown, Sara Boll, Pete Sauber, Larry Santy, Joyce Tom & Chris Gardini


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apparently if you are sitting in the first 10 rows, you should bring a raincoat.