2955 W Ray Rd
Chandler, Arizona 85224

evfn is a weekly social gathering organized primarily over Twitter. It stands for East Valley Friday Nights and yes, you are invited.

This week we're headed back to Whole Foods. Now you may think that a grocery store sounds like an odd place to hold a social gathering where the primary objective is to have a few beers with friends. But that's because you haven't been to THIS grocery store.

We'll meet in the Tapas bar. Yes, a grocery store with a bar. See?

Official Website: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23evfn

Added by evo_terra on December 6, 2008



Friends, beers, and I can bring my grocery list too? Awesome- I will certainly try to come!

UPDATE: There is no try. I will be there!


I thought EVFN stood for Extremely Vegetative Flaccid Noodles.


Baby sitter has been acquired. We will be there.


Damn you people for making an exciting event with cool people so far away!

I have been to this Whole Foods and it's GREAT.


Keep twitter updated on how things are going, I get off of work at six then I'm going to show up as soon as I can get there.


This joint gets my vote as the *worlds* coolest grocery store... and all I buy here is beer.

On Fridays.

With my friends.

So, if you are cool, come join us!

And if you aren't cool, stick with Basha's, Safeway or *WalMart*.


A happy hour/social gathering in a grocery store? I know it sounds goofy but trust me, it works!