45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Nick Kuh will demo Flex features such as bindings, runtime css, modules, code libraries,developing with ActionScript & MXML, Spark components, skinning in Flex 4 and demo an AMF Flex AppNick Kuh, the Fool, danced into the Queen's bed chamber, twirling an aphrodisiac Flex potion lightly between his playful fingers. "Madam, I have come by for perchance that you might like this soothing... uh, orange juice."

The Queen, at first much startled at the Fool's unannounced appearance, coyly bowed her head and said "Well I do confess a thirst, bringst to me". She wolfed down the brew in huge gulps and was quickly overcome with a passionate desire for Flex. "I have for me this extraordinary warmth running through my veins that makes me wish - nay long - that thoust should run amok with your Flex and show me everything it can do. Consume me, teach me now, passion for Flex groweth within me!"

"Esteemed Lady, I've been working at the court of King Flash for a decade. My knowledge of Flex has become deep & strong. I can show you bindings, runtime css, modules, code libraries and developing with ActionScript & MXML..."

The Queen fair swooned with excitement "Fool, taunt me with words no longer, I must have your Flex, undress me now."

The Fool excitedly removed the royal dress. "Your beautiful pair of Spark components and the skinning features introduced in Flex 4 SDK fair take my breath away". With professional slickness the fool whipped a Flex app out of his pocket. "Madam, this app talks to AMF server-side functions. Let us to bed, and I will share the client and server-side (PHP) code with you. Come be my queen of quick wit."

The Queen groaned with anticipation. But the King's footsteps were heard outside, approaching the door of the bedchamber. "Fool, take your leave of me now, but meet me again next Tuesday at The Werks at 7pm where your Flex will blossom inside me like a rose."

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Added by flashbrighton on September 25, 2009