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From Holocene:
Self described as the "essence of dance," Euromotion play dance music to
pump parties across the space-time continuum. Traveling back in time to share
the future of dance music, Euromotion combines synth beats with stellar pop
lyrics that together breathe a wholly original spirit into the disco revolution.

Strength is a serious approach to dance music. A 70's and 80's influence is
remixed with a very contemporary and radio-friendly sound. Armed with their love
for real disco music, Patrick (guitar) and John (keys) create slow-burning
compositions over driving pre-recorded basslines (ala Giorgio Moroder and
Michael Jackson). Bailey Winters' Jagger-esque deliveries of fun, infectious
dance anthems compliment a swaggering, almost too intimate, performance.

Anderson started to perform live in 2004; intimate shows with just 2 voices
and acoustic guitars. After a while they started to dress up their songs with
electronic beats, samples and synths. Their music can now be described as
electro-acoustic indie-pop; Kings of Convenience meets The Postal Service."

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