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Berlin, Bundesland Berlin 10117

Europe's Second Information Architecture Summit

The 2006 Euro IA Summit will take place in Berlin during the last weekend of September (30 September - 1 October).
This years theme is Building Our Practice

After the success of last years Euro IA Summit, it was obvious we had to organise another one this year. In October 2005 IAs from all over Europe came together in Brussels. The theme then was Building Our Community. This year we want to look at what it takes to be an IA in Europe. What are the things that we have in common? What are the specifc issues we have to deal with in our country or our business? How can we extend and build the practice of IA in Europe?

Why do we need a European Summit?
For starters, if you live over here, its a lot easier to get to Berlin than the U.S. or Canada. Second, when we deal with multi-language applications, we really mean it - there are over 20 national languages within the EU alone. Third, we are doing amazing things with alternative interfaces - phones and pocket computers, for example. Most important of all, we are European, not North American - and we see the world a little differently.

Building our practice
We want to continue building the practice of information architecture in Europe and this is our forum to come together and discuss. Who should come along? Information architects and other people involved in structuring information for electronic media. And we want to see YOU!
Who should attend the European Summit?
Anyone involved in IA from the consultants over the professionals working in corporate or government evironments. We want to share the experience and the knowledge we have gained in positioning ourselves as IAs in Europe.

Building Our Practice is sponsored by the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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