1131 Polk St.
San Francisco, California 94109


San Francisco's Ettrick is a self-destructive free jazz/black metal assault featuring two multi-instrumentalists rotating through every permutation of their drum and sax duo. Jacob Felix Heule and Jay Korber explore the extreme sounds that can be wrenched from their instruments through brute force – screaming through saxophones, throwing drums and other such impolite extended techniques. The doubled instrumentation provides a situation to explore playing contrasting and complimentary styles on like instruments.

“...a bludgeoning amalgam of black metal and skronk sure to summon the apocalypse... an excruciating free jazz that feels like being trapped in a metal shed during a thunderstorm.” -- San Francisco Bay Guardian



"Oaxacan glide seamlessly between interstellar space and frenzied
cacophony." - Nozmo King, KFJC

"Rhythmic chaos! Unlike a lotta so-described "free-rock" bands,
Oakland's Oaxacan takes a pulsing, clattering, chittering, hammering, groaning, barfing, tapping rainstorm of noise and organizes it into head-nodding, tribal-ish, hypnotic rhythm. While the drums free-jazz themselves into the cosmos, guitars rasp all dry like grasshopper wings, and vocals make whale songs and wolf cries, an invisible conductor snatches everything from space and structures it into dance music. Or more so, freak-the-fuck-out music. Or lie-on-the-club-floor-and-convulse-and-reenact-your-birth music. Even if you haven't heard of this band, don't let it stop you. Break free from the shackles of your comfort zone!" -- Adam Gnade, Portland Mercury



Official Website: http://www.hemlocktavern.com/prog_guide.php?adate_id=2007-01-04

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