2250 Garcia Ave.
Mountain View, California 04043

more info at http://www.baychi.org/calendar/20060117/

Intuit, 2550 Garcia Ave (bldg 5), Mountain View, CA

Added by rmm on January 6, 2006



Aww, mountain view is sooo far from SF...

Will this be anthro-ey goodness or corporate doublespeak? Hard to know, but hard not to know.


sadly who knows - it's prolly a little from column a (coz it's Intuit) and a little from column b (coz it's BayCHI, and their speakers are pretty good). would that these events could be identified as 'marketing', 'education', 'discussion', 'looking for venture capital', etc. etc.

Oh, and come down to the South Bay David - we don't bite down here ;)