481 Eighth Avenue
New York City, New York 10001

The Ethical Supply Chain Summit USA is an extension of our hugely successful annual European Ethical Supply Chain Summit: a focused two-day business conference with previous years events taking place in Paris (2006), Amsterdam (2007) and Berlin (2008). Over the years we have seen high-level attendees from 30 different countries in what truly has become THE meeting place for all the leaders in corporate responsibility and ethical supply chain management.

Topics to be discussed include:

* The secret of effective auditing: Using social and environmental audits as a tool for improvement

* How to measure your carbon footprint: A hands on guide of proven ways to practically measure and assess your carbon footprint

* An innovative approach: Real world examples of ground breaking ways companies are managing their supply chain – and how to build this innovation into your own supply chain strategy

* The cost of doing nothing: With upcoming legislations and increasing stakeholder awareness, companies’ supply chains are increasingly being put under scrutiny

for a full agenda visit www.supplychainusa.com

Official Website: http://www.supplychainusa.com

Added by Terr Washington on January 23, 2009