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Do you want to make a positive change in the world as you shop? Would you like to make sure that every purchase you make supports companies that care for more than just the bottom line? Would you like to learn which companies are truly concerned about environmental sustainability, human rights, fair labor, community involvement and social justice?

Join UC Davis sociologist and lecturer Dr. Ellis Jones and prolific Oakland author Richie Unterberger for a fascinating panel discussion about socially responsible shopping habits. Jones is the originator of the best-selling Better World Handbook, and now author of The Better World Shopping Guide, a comprehensive, pocket-sized guide for socially and environmentally responsible consumers. Unterberger is the author of eight books including his latest, The Rough Guide to Shopping With a Conscience, an empowering and evocative book that examines the complexities of our decisions about what to wear, eat and drink how to travel and invest our money. Together Jones and Unterberger will highlight some of the best and worst companies on the planet, will offer practical tips to help you tell the "good guys from the bad buys" and will demonstrate how shopping with a conscience can make a difference and help you turn every dollar you spend into a powerful vote for a better world.

About Rough Guides and New Society Publishers:
These two acclaimed publishers are joining authorial forces for the evening for a panel discussion of how to shop with a conscience.


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