977 So. Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, California 94110

As always, the Salons are a blend of music, theater, and storytelling. This month's Salon! You're ON! is blend of East and West, tradition and innovation, ancient and future as we introduce many new artists to the stage.

Featuring the Local & Lively Talents of:

-- Karim Serageldin: Oud, Middle Eastern Lute

-- Lydia Harutoonian & The Fire Gypsies: Bohemian Folk Rock

-- Adam Fong: Composer, Multi-media installation

-- Storytellers UNPLUGGED! Improv Storytelling theater from Kurt Bodden, Tim Ereneta, and Ruth Halpern

-- Eth-Noh-Tec: Kinetic Story Theater

The purpose of the Salon! You're ON! performances is to share the wealth of diverse talent and cultures that make living in the SF Bay Area an enlivening and rich cultural experience. Artists will not only perform their works but afterwards invite comments, questions, ideas and explore the cultural-social-political challenges of the day and how the performers' art reflects these issues.As always our artists AND audiences offer vital discussion and cultural diatribe.

FREE (as always we'll pass the hat and welcome any donations you offer!). Call for more info: 415-282-8705, email: [email protected]; or visit the website: www.ethnohtec.org.

Official Website: http://www.ethnohtec.org

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