3175 N Broadway St
Chicago, Illinois 60657

ESTA is a multi-ethnic band with innovative compositions and imaginative arrangements - deeply rooted in Israel’s diverse traditions. Esta’s band members are all first generation Israelis, raised on their parents’ musical heritage from Bulgaria, Iraq, Poland, Iran, Romania, Syria, Russia, and Turkey. Inspired also by the 1970s progressive rock, Esta’s music traverses myriad soundscapes - acoustic instruments dance with electric, a cappella vocals complement a symphony of sounds. Where else will you hear Jews playing bagpipes?

Founded in 1979 by Shlomo Deshet and Ori Beanstock, Esta has created a distinctive new sound, incorporating Jewish, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, African and Celtic genres into its own pan-global sound, propelled by Rock’s energy and Jazz’s musicianship. Esta is among a handful of visionary artists to fuse contemporary music with folkloric styles and sounds. World Fusion isn’t just a genre Esta performs. It is its soul.

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