1133 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P4

Escape from Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream
The New Film by Gregory Greene, Director of The End of Suburbia
World Premiere! Two Nights Only in Calgary

Alberta is at a crossroads. Newspaper headlines in Alberta tell of
impending nuclear power, water crises, and environmental destruction. Meanwhile, proven solutions are not being implemented, a product of a province-wide democratic deficit.

The End of Suburbia, Gregory Greene's 2004 film, was the first to
detail the dynamics of peak oil and the need for relocalization. The
End of Suburbia became an independent success, winning film festival awards, returning generous revenue for its producer, and capturing attention from such media as Oprah, The Colbert Report, The New York Times, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

In Escape from Suburbia we meet three characters whose very different lives converge on a single note: creating a more sustainable future for their families and communities as Hummer fever begins to power down. Corporate and government solutions juxtapose what history and common sense tell us is beginning to happen: that we as a civilization are about to face one of the most significant events in
human history, the overhaul of a lifestyle which is completely
predicated on cheap and abundant oil.

Wednesday, May 16 and Thursday May 17, 7pm
The Plaza Theatre, 1133 Kensington Road NW
Tickets $10, Calgary Dollars accepted (www.calgarydollars.ca),
at Sunnyside Market (#10, 338 10 Street NW, 270-7477) &
at The Arusha Centre (#106, 223 – 12 Ave SW, 270-3200)

Watch the trailer at www.escapefromsuburbia.com

World premiere screenings in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and
Calgary are sponsored by Public Interest Alberta, Carol Marcinowski-
Alberta Ltd 545822, Calgary Dollars, The City of Calgary-Land Use
Planning and Policy and Environmental and Safety Management,
Sustainable Calgary, The Arusha Centre, Broken City, FFWD, CKUA,
CJSW, and VUE.

For interviews with Director Greg Greene, contact Dara Rowland,
Escape from Suburbia Producer at 416 465 7219

To secure seats for your group at these premiere screenings, contact
Gerald Wheatley at 270-8002 immediately.

Make a night of it! Come to Broken City night club, 613 – 11 Ave SW,
at 5pm on the 16th and 17th, have your dinner and a drink (you can
pay 50% of your bill with Calgary Dollars) and then get a free bus
ride to the Plaza!

Have you missed the End of Suburbia and are wondering why we've
reached "the end of the 3000 mile caesar salad"? Join us for a
Calgary screening and discussion of the award-winning 2004 film The
End of Suburbia, Tuesday May 8, 7pm at Broken City night club, 613 –
11 Ave SW. Hosted by Sustainable Calgary, The Arusha Centre and
Public Interest Alberta. No cover, ticket give-aways through the
evening for the Escape from Suburbia screenings.

Escape from Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream

Released on DVD May 30, 2007

Premiere screenings across North America begin May 15, 2007

Official Website: http://arusha.org

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