66 Porland Place
London, England W1B 1AD

The Exciting Future of CSS and XHTML
with Eric Meyer of "Complex Spiral" & "An Event Apart"

In the first half of this special one-day workshop, we'll take a quick look at how to set up your own full-featured web development environment for free. Then we'll delve into the nuances of selectors, with an eye toward advanced CSS selectors and how they can make your CSS leaner and meaner than ever. This will be a look not only at the present state of selector support, but also its future and how you can jump right into the future today!

In the second half, table layout will be the order of the day. What's that, you say? Not using tables for layout! Of course not, but instead taking table markup and laying it out in decidedly non-tabular ways. We'll go way beyond the old table-as-bar-chart trick (though we'll work with that one too) and play around with timelines, maps, and more.

In the process, you'll break down some deeply ingrained habits and learn to look at your markup in a whole new way. That will provide a nice segue into the final topic of the day, HTML 5. Besides covering some of the differences between HTML 4 and HTML 5, we'll take a swing at using and styling some of the new HTML 5 elements and discuss some of the current pitfalls.

Official Website: http://carsonworkshops.com/2009/ericmeyer/index.html

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