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Eric McFadden

Thoughout his illustrious career, singer, songwriter and guitarist Eric McFadden has steadfastly rebuked the Sirens of commerce, instead heeding the fearless, uncompromising Muses inside his head. This all-consuming obsession helps explain the twisted trajectory of McFadden's career. A veteran of celebrated west coast bands including Liar, Alien Lovestock, Angry Babies, IZM, Holy Smokes, Faraway Brothers, and the Eric McFadden Experience, McFadden has recorded three independently produced solo albums that are regarded as underground masterworks by fans and critics alike. On his 1996 solo debut "Who's Laughing Now," McFadden unleashed his macabre carnival balladry and Spanish-inflected rock sensibilities on an unsuspecting public. In 1999 Eric released "Our revels now are ended" which features lush, orchestral arrangements using cello, violin and contrabass. His self-titled 2000 followup unfolds like a book of Latin poetry, full of musical passion and literate lyrical fire. McFadden's 2003 recording, "Devil Moon," is a solo work in the best sense of the word -- an acoustic endeavor with Eric assisted by the occasional guest accompanist.

- Loop!Station

LOOP!STATION was formed in july 2002 by Sam Bass and Robin Coomer almost by accident. Robin asked Sam if he would come and play some cello at her upcoming photography show. He convinced Robin to join him and his new favorite tool the loop station. After going to the music store and getting her own, they only had two rehearsals before the opening thinking they would only play one show. But after an overwhelming crowd response and sixty five new emails on a list, they decided to play again, and again... Their first c.d. 'conversations with water' was released in july 2003 with amazing response. Suddenly what had started out as an escape for these two classically trained musicians from their respective rock bands, (Deadweight and Birdsaw) and the pressures of writing the 'perfect' 3:30 second pop song, had turned into an escape for their listeners as well. LOOP!STATION sample themselves live and 'loop' the parts creating honest and unique compositions. The shows are intense, captivating. When you get the album home and it sounds just like the show you just saw, it becomes very apparent that LOOP!STATION is operating in a world all its own, a world that is really freaking awesome...

- Rube Waddell

Rube Waddell is a San Francisco-based quartet performing their own breed of modern Americana music. They mix together cast-off parts, twisted scraps, and rusty hinges of Blues, Gospel, Country, American and Irish Folk, Punk,Rock, comic Vaudeville, German theater, Mexican Banda, Mid-Eastern and Asian ditties into a raw junkyard stew stirred by their varied array of traditional and homemade instruments. Reviewers have compared Rube Waddell at times to Captain Beefheart, the Fugs, Ween, Doo-Rag, Tom Waits, Jon Spencer and other lo-fi giants.

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