575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

(Greene Street Salon vet Red Bastard's new show)

From the creators of the Bouffon-styled clown sensation, Red Bastard Is a Star! Are You?, comes a clown show unlike any you have experienced. World-renowned Canadian director, Sue Morrison, is the co-creator of some of Europe, North and South America's hottest, edgiest clown shows. Together, New York clown Eric Davis and Ms. Morrison are on the forefront of a movement which aims to bring the sacred return of clowning to contemporary audiences.

In this new show, Davis stars as a bone-thin cantankerous clown, whose neurotic endeavors run the gamut of comic expression. Wildly impish one moment, pathetically gutless the next, he answers the call to an epic adventure only to find himself stranded in a cave for 100,000 years. Surrounded by the skeletons of failed attempts, he must now conquer a disembodied voice as he struggles to free himself from 150 yards of industrial elastic in a transforming spandex cave. Antics range from the gut-bustingly ridiculous to the intimate and heartfelt as this unlikely hero fends off monsters, struggles to make a name for himself and quests to find the Glove of Never Ending Awesomeness.

every Sunday in May and June at 7

Tix: $10

Reservations: (718)907-3457

more info here - www.redbastard.com

Added by greenestreetsalon on April 21, 2005