1125 SE Division St.
Portland, Oregon

“Where You Are Is Who You Are” is a presentation/discussion based on the idea that your environment reciprocates your choices. From the job you are in, to your friend-set, to the websites you visit or to the lamp you bought to put next to your Mid-Century Modern sofa, your environment is either “congratulating” you or discouraging you.

We will explore what your environment says about you, your business and your social life. In addition, we will discuss whether or not changing your environment can change you or do you have to change first to change your environment.

The event is for people that are responsible for creating environments whether it’s commercial, residential, online or off. So everybody then.

The event will be facilitated by Jeremy Pair who is a freelance copywriter with an extensive background in Visual Merchandising.

Official Website: http://thenewcommunicators.com/2010/08/27/environmental-reciprocation-where-you-are-is-who-you-are/

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