345 Somerville Ave.
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

From the KFW newsletter:

burning star core
carlos giffoni
heathen shame
keith fullerton whitman

this is one will be rather special as i'm a huge fan of everyone on the bill; plus i played a small part in setting the show up in the fine, sympathetic environs of pa's lounge (which is pretty much the only venue i've performed at over the past 6 months or so.) it would mean a lot to me if you'd come out for this one; especially if psychedelic synth-noise, power electronics, feedback skree, and... however you can neatly encapsulate what spencer does, float your respective boats.

if you've missed any of my recent solo-synthesizer sets, this would be a good one to come out to as i think i've got the whole system under wraps... plus carlos, spencer, and dom are heavy hitters on the noise scene these days and don't get to boston all that much. plus wayne/kate/greg never fail... to lodge some long dormant lump of earwax free from my inner cochlea. bring earplugs. and don't forget to order an espresso at the bar; they're quite good!


Official Website: http://www.keithfullertonwhitman.com/

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