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With the rest of the world beating a path to India and China to cash in on the rapid economic growth in those countries and tap low-cost manufacturing (China) and services (India), countless business opportunities have opened up. This has attracted two groups of entrepreneurs: local residents who are eager to launch companies of their own; and entrepreneurs from overseas, often from the US, who see new opportunities emerging back home. The latter comprises the returning diaspora - people who left their native country to study abroad and seek greater opportunities elsewhere, but who are now interested in returning home, bringing with them the education, experience and, often, personal wealth they have acquired overseas. The combination of these two groups represents a potentially powerful teaming up of ideas, experience and funding that is already resulting in success stories.

TiE Seattle on June 12th, is hosting an event to discuss opportunities available to people interested in doing business in India and/or China. Our panel of business leaders will reveal their strategies for setting up successful business ventures in these countries. Come join TiE to explore the opportunities available to entrepreneurs in these countries.

Ideas and questions for the discussion include:
- What are the big opportunities in the Internet and mobile space in these countries?
- What are the monetization opportunities? How big is the advertising market? Can new startup hope to generate enough advertising revenues to become profitable?
- Which areas are VCs investing in?
- What are the challenges one faces in setting up a business in India and/or China? What are the regulatory hurdles? What are the best ways to deal with them?

Our Panelists Are:
- Param Parameswaran, Venture Capitalist/Angel Investor
- Karl Weaver, Greater China/India Biz Dev Mgr, Newport Technologies
- Dave Parker, CEO and Founder, 9Spaces

Official Website: http://www.tie-seattle.org/TGS/EM/viewevent/viewEventPT?id_event=2033

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