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With ten services launched and more on their way, Amazon Web Services provides developers access to inexpensive, scalable web-based business solutions and infrastructure.

Amazon.com, via Amazon Web Services, opened its technology vault in 2002 to allow developers the ability to construct powerful applications using the resources the company spent ten years and over $1 billion developing.

Jinesh Varia, Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, looks at real world examples of how developers have utilized Amazon Web Services' open APIs to develop exciting, profitable businesses. Varia will also demonstrate the newly launched Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) which allows developers to build a virtual computing environment in minutes and only pay for computing usage.

This session will also explore other innovative integrations of Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon E-Commerce Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Alexa Web Information Service, and more.

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