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This non-credit course is designed to introduce members of the research community to issues relating to starting and growing a technology based business. It is targeted at graduate students, post-docs, faculty, technicians and others active in research in a scientific or engineering discipline, who have an interest in creating a company to exploit the results of their research.

The series targets researchers in biological and physical sciences and engineering. It assumes no prior knowledge of business and offers lectures on a diverse range of topics including finding financing, defining markets, hiring teams and protecting intellectual property. You can view the course outline below.
There are four essential written documents that a high tech start-up needs to have as communication tools:

- the pitch deck
- the executive summary
- the business plan
- the technical white paper

This lecture will discuss what goes into each of these documents and how each should be structured.

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Official Website: http://www.marsdd.com/Events/Event-Calendar/Ent101/2008/written-tools-20080213.html

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