1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Update: New Venue, Gladstone hotel -- not Epicure Cafe

Enterprise2.0 Camp 2.0 Toronto,
(New:) Now Sponsored by Profit Magazine

Inspired by the success of DemoCamp in Toronto, Enterprise2.0 is about the business-world applications of "Web20" and "SocialMedia". Enterprise2.0 is built on the hypothesis that the real killer app for new/collaborative media tech is in business. And it's more than just the current hype of using blogs and such to market to the MySpace Generation. Enterprise2.0 is about businesses themselves taking the best from the current boom in social web-based innovation and how businesses are already using these technologies internally and externally to boost productivity, enabling new ways of working.

At a basic level it's about how can web or community-enabling existing applications or business processes improve productivity. These include the existing tools that exist now like blogs, wikis, Sharepoint(?) or Google Docs and Spreadsheets. For those of us building or trying to use these sorts of tools this session is about sharing knowledge through studies of challenges and successes.

But taking it a step further it's also about looking ahead to how can these new technologies change the fundamental structure of business. From the way we interact and connect with our everyday coworkers to blurring the distinctions between employees/partners/customers/suppliers and wherever else you think it might take us.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/Enterprise20Camp

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