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Are you gearing up to implement the new wave of Enterprise 2.0 apps in an effective, productive, and non-disruptive way within your organization? Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp will show you how.

Enterprise 2.0 represents the next wave of freeform, emergent, social Web apps that can bring the power and effectiveness of Web 2.0 techniques to life inside your organization. Just when IT is being held increasingly accountable for business-focused results, Enterprise 2.0 can give IT the potent new tools for end-users to apply general-purpose collaborative tools in innovative new ways to solve both long-term and just-in-time business problems more cost-effectively.

Technologies such as blogs and wikis are just the beginning of the story however. Enterprise 2.0 has the potential to unleash the power of network effects, mass participation, and emergent business solutions. The resulting capture of organizational knowledge in a more public, discoverable fashion via enterprise search enabled by the link structure of Enterprise 2.0 Web apps is just one of several potentially beneficial outcomes.

Being successful with Enterprise 2.0 requires a clear understanding of the critical success factors. Because, as rewarding as Enterprise 2.0 has the potential to be, technical and organizational challenges exist in accessing its potential. Adopters of Enterprise 2.0 techniques must define internal Enterprise 2.0 standards, oversee compliance to industry and governmental regulations, protect the privacy of participants, and secure the organization's information while successfully encouraging workers to move to these new tools.

Ultimately, the core challenge for an Enterprise 2.0 initiative is to transform the culture of their organization to use fewer private software tools, openly sharing more business information, and be knowledgeable about and effective in consuming worker-generated content , all the while maintaining minimal disruption to business activities.

Course Outline:

*How to develop and implement a successful Enterprise 2.0 initiative
*Understanding the basic elements of Enterprise 2.0: the SLATES approach
*Strategies for educating and changing worker behavior patterns: Lessons from the Web
*Fundamental management concepts and methodologies of effective collaboration
*Developing a grassroots culture of contribution and participation
*Case studies in freeform, emergent, social applications in the enterprise
*Measuring Enterprise 2.0 productivity- how to measure the effectiveness of your E2.0 strategy and see where you need to improve
*Addressing the enterprise perspective: standards, security, privacy, compliance, regulations
*Survey and overview of emerging Enterprise 2.0 products
*Managing politics, people, and finance for an effective Enterprise 2.0 strategy
*Overcoming the challenges of a fundamental shift in IT perspective

Who Should Attend:

*Individuals whose job responsibility involves collaboration with other individuals, teams, and organizations
*Executives and managers in business and IT with responsibility for designing, implementing, and operating IT systems and business processes within their organization
*IT staffers and general line of business workers that are seeking to apply the latest best practices directly to their daily work
*CIOs and CTOs that are seeking to be more effective in their positions
*Enterprise architects that wish to leverage their IT resources and support their internal customers more effectively

You Will Learn:
You will leave Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp with the knowledge and skills you need to begin an Enterprise 2.0 initiative within your organization. You will be shown how successful Enterprise 2.0 projects can be structured and executed using case studies, emerging best practices, collaborative group exercises, and involved attendee interaction.

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