Bound by Tremont, Beacon, Charles and Boylston Streets.
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Sporting their most impressive evening wear, Loyal to Big Oil and The Boston Coal Party, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Billionaires for Bush, will unite to celebrate global warming with a Texas Tea (and Coal) party on Boston Common. American patriots have pledged to 'duke it out' with them over the impact of fossil fuel use on global climate change ('global warming'). The patriots have even threatened to 'dump' the energy plutocrats coal and oil just as Colonial rebels dumped British tea.

"Why would they threaten us?" asked Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Grand Fromage of Boston's chapter of Loyal to Big Oil ( "Exxon-Mobil has just posted the second highest quarterly profit – $10.49 Billion. This should be a time of celebration, not conflict!"

(Loyal to Big Oil is a consortium of oil barons, oil-company CEOs, and giddy traders on the energy futures market. Oh, and of course the faithful representatives in Congress who deliver the subsidies and tax breaks we love at the expense of taxpayers who can't afford lobbyists of their own. For more information:

This 'celebration' is part of the Part of the second annual International Day of Climate Action - hundreds of public events around the globe calling attention to the annual Kyoto Protocol meetings being held this November in Nairobi, Kenya. For more information about the International Day of Climate Action, see

Official Website:

Added by Ivana Moore-Enmoore on October 28, 2006


Ivana Moore-Enmoore

The event will take place at Brewer Fountain, near Park Street T Station, darling!