1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, California 94143-3008

Start making a difference today and register to attend OpenEco Energy Camp, an event designed to inspire you to make positive environmental changes at work and at home-- its free!

Who will be there?
Recognized business and ecology leaders, talented open source developers focused on positive environmental impact and all those important people you see on TV who talk about the effects of climate change and you wish you knew. Be sure to keep checking this site for a confirmed speakers list.

Who should attend?
If you've ever come into your office in the morning and realized someone left the lights on overnight but didn't think twice about it, this conference is for you. Or if you are a developer and you've always wanted to put your coding skills to use for the greater good. Actions as simple as purchasing CFL bulbs for your office or contributing code to an open source carbon footprint community can turn you into an Undercover Planet-Saving Superstar (cape not included).

What will the event be like?
OpenEco Energy Camp will be an unconference style event, which means you and your fellow participants will set the agenda for the day. We'll provide you with access to environmental leaders, creative tools to help spark your ideas, food and eco-minded colleagues, but the real conversations of the day will be led by you. An unconference gives you the best parts of a typical conference (the coffee breaks, the water cooler conversations, the film screenings and the networking) and provides you with the freedom to explore these connections in more detail without the hassle of a tedious, time-driven agenda.

Register to attend @ www.openeco.org/energycamp

Official Website: http://www.openeco.org/energycamp

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