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The Long Now Foundation's monthly series Seminars About Long-term Thinking

Daniel Everett presents
Endangered Languages: Lost Knowledge and the Future

The Pirahã, a remote Amazonian tribe with little outside contact, have attracted the attention of mainstream media, scientists, Zen Buddhists, professors of religion, mathematicians, philosophers and others because of their unusual confluence of values, language, and culture.

Now, after 20 years of high intellectual and physical adventure living among them, Daniel Everett proposes a revolution in anthropology and linguistics: culture profoundly shapes language, even at the most fundamental level. What happens when a language-culture pairing like the Pirahãs' is lost?

The Pirahãs are not alone in their lessons and knowledge for all of us -- there are hundreds of endangered languages in the world -- but they provide a remarkably clear example of alternative knowledge and ways of talking of importance to all of us as we ponder how we should try to build future lives.

Everett is author of Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazon Jungle (02008) and is Chair of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Illinois State University.

Seminar hosted by Stewart Brand.

Friday, March 20, 02009
Doors open 7:00pm, talk at 7:30pm lasting ~1.5 hours

Advance Tickets Recommended
Tickets are $10

The Cowell Theater at
Fort Mason Center, Pier 2
San Francisco, CA 94123

Long Now Members can reserve 2 complimentary seats.

There will be a reception at The Long Now Museum & Store following the Seminar.

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