Bush Street and Presidio Avenue
San Francisco, California

Regardless of whether McCain or Obama wins the election, on January 20th 2009 at noon Eastern time, 9am Pacific time, George W. Bush will no longer be President of the USA.

Meet at Bush & Presidio by the "END BUSH" street sign to celebrate.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jef/16775473/

Added by jef on October 23, 2008



I happen to live very close to this intersection. I'm pondering what sorts of things I can do to make this a nice street party, that don't involve open liquor or other stuff one could easily get arrested for.

Might be inviting people to my place but, that won't be anyone who just shows up on the street. ;)


I'll keep my eyes peeled for event photos on the GWSF Flickr pool starting January 21!


I absolutely LOVE this idea! LOL


Yes... I will be there... but who else is and what will we bring to celebrate? People post ideas on here.

Noise makers?
Extra dry Pretzels?


Save your selves for 12 Noon at 44 Ave and Lincoln Blvd in San Francisco.Lets call 44 Ave = Obama Avenue for the Day. I'd like to keep it Obama Avenue forever.In the spirit of Abe Lincoln and the new 44th President.It is a new dawn for the U.S.A.
If every one came on their bike it would be cool.
Diarmuid Harrington
PS I'd rather celebrate a New Beginning than an end to the Dark Ages.


Damn you are all a bunch a liberal douchebags. Get a life for real. Bush was an alright president. I hope Obama does well. As anyone should show respect to their president. If you don't then leave. No matter who they are they deserve that. Bush has given Obama nothing but respect and you can't give him any on his last days? Grow up! You all sound like a bunch of sheep. Try being open minded. And no I didn't vote for McCain. I voted for Alan Keys.


"Bush was an alright president."

http://is.gd/gi2t (8 Years of Bush in 8 Minutes: Olbermann)


bring radios with batteries so we can hear Obama being sworn in!


If you really think "Bush was an alright president" then you are an idiot.


take a picture for the cnn mosaic project.


As a native San Franciscan who moved to the mountains of NE Oregon (1974) post Viet Nam (3 tours) just as many others of that era and experience did, I'd like to offer my perspective ... based on my experiences. First, I truly hope all of you who attend thoroughly enjoy the celebration and do it with grace and dignity. As Americans, we certainly have the right of assembly as well as free speech and I, for one, believe that rights are like muscles ... unless they're exercised they grow week ... so get out there and exercise and have fun doing it!! Second, for the past 34 years I've viewed the (for the most part) thinly veiled, corporately serving lies of politicians as just that ... lies. What I know from my own experience is that those same liars and their agendas, when those agendas prompt our county to war, create killers out of our young adults. In my time, we went to Viet Nam to "stop communism there, before they reached our shores" ... today, we're in Afghanistan and Iraq to "stop them there, before they can hit us again" ... The thing that I want to say about all of it is that, for the first time since adolescense, I feel hopeful and, although I'm just "cautiously optimistic", this is a huge leap from 34 years of pretty much condemning partisan politics and those who practice it. I, like many others, found tears on my face on this past election day. It had been a long time for me since that sort of emotional response manifested itself in me and, although it surprised me some, if felt downright good. OK ... enough of history's parallells and Rich's pontifications.
Here's what I want to ask of all of you who attend. Please ... enjoy it ... enjoy the freedom ... and enjoy the right to listen and consider the views of others ... and enjoy the euphoria of the celebration. I think republicancutie and pokhara ought to make a date of it, listen to each other's viewpoints and, even if they come away still thinking the other one's grounded in some twilight zone of reality, respect each other's RIGHT to be there and to have and express their respective opinions.
Most of all, I wish you all a day of celebration and of hope ... and know that you'll be in the thoughts of an old warrior who chooses to hang in the mountains where urbanism is but a distant memory but one that has parts that I truly cherish ... Rich


A bit too far to make it out there, but will do some drinking in spirit. :)


republicancutie is a effin MORON!


what happened to winning with dignity and modesty? is this what being "liberal" has come to mean?


you obviously missed the "Regardless of whether McCain or Obama wins the election"

This isn't about Obama winning...it's about that shaved ape going back to his habitat in Maine and slinging his poo at something other than the constitution.

And if anyone thinks 2 wars, a natural disaster flubbed, a massive breach of national security, an election scandal and the largest fiscal disaster in two lifetimes makes you an alright President, then I want you to pass me that pitcher of kool-aid you're sipping from...cause that shit MUST be tasty.


Thank you everyone who showed up! We had a dozen or so people including two reporters, which is lots more than I expected.

Yes we did!