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Employers can be exposed to the liabilities as Dept. of labor and IRS is cracking down employers who characterize lawful employers as contractors. This webinar will help you understand the legal criteria that distinguish employees from contractors and you will also learn ways to minimize risk when using contractors.


Many employers, particularly those whose staffing needs fluctuate significantly throughout the year, seek to treat some workers as independent contractors rather than as employees. Although the employer and the worker may be content with such an arrangement, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor and other federal agencies may not agree. This webinar will discuss the legal differences between employees and independent contractors and advise you how to stay compliant with applicable law.

Why Should You Attend:

Failure to comply can be costly and getting the classification right is good policy.
The Department of Labor and the IRS appear to be cracking down on employers who characterize persons who are lawfully employees as contractors. Employers who misclassify could be exposed to significant liability. This webinar will discuss the IRS’ 11 point test and other criteria used to classify workers and clarify the distinctions between employees and contractors. Also, you will be provided with tools to use in classifying your workers as employees or contractors. It may be particularly helpful for small businesses without HR Departments.

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