Post CS-Building, Oosterdokskade 5
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

DEVELOPING projects on Emotions

Menna Meijer will present SEXY, an online community about sex for and by youth. With full access via webcams, SEXYPEDIA, a database of bodies and with sexy TAGS.

Together with the Telematica Institue a group of students from the HKU observed how a group of GERIATRICS behaved once they came in contact with the ROBOTDOG AIBO. The result is a touching film with hilarious moments.

Another group of HKU students researched emotions in FIRSTpersonSHOOTERS with the dutch gaming company GUERILLA. A short report.

Finally, a lecture by MARK MEADOWS (US), active in the fields of art and design, science and technology, on
- the three part VIDEOGAME he is developing together with Frank Gehry, Radiohead and Annie Lennox.
- the book he is writing, 'Simulus & Response: The Art of Digital

Location: 11 club-restaurant, PostCS building, Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam.

Added by katielips on March 6, 2006