1800 Old Bayshore Hwy
Burlingame, California 94010

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Now more than ever it's indispensable to see-ahead, track-change and connect with those who are at the forefront of the communications revolution.

Facts are - communications innovation is being democratized. The winners will be those who embrace it. The gap between what telecom operators are doing (or allowing) and where end users are taking us is ever widening.

We've taken great pains starting in 2008 to build out a forum of communication innovator's.

We've strategically located America 2010 within free and time-saving access of San Francisco International Airport.

The mammoth sized telecom industry - including cellular - is in the process of being re-written. You either stand on the side to be written into the past or instead join with the fast growing eComm community to write the future.

Don't miss spectacular opportunities to profit from the radical restructuring and from accelerating the development of how humanity connects, communicates and collaborates.

Official Website: http://america.ecomm.ec/2010

Added by eComm on April 10, 2009