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What is eComm?
The world's leading-edge telecom, Internet communications and mobile innovation event built to both showcase and accelerate innovation; and to explore radical new opportunities - together.

Why eComm?
Cataclysmic change is facing the multi-trillion dollar a year telecom industry:

* Telecom is becoming software
* The cash cows of telephony and SMS will dry up long term
* “Phones” are turning into general purpose computers
* A march is underway to change how spectrum is allocated and utilized
* Applications innovation is being democratized
* The media industry is converging with personal communications
* Internet-style ecosystems are starting to pressurize the traditional value chain
* Search engines and computer manufactures are encroaching into the space
* The telecom kingdom is fragmenting daily.

It means unprecedented opportunity for those ahead-of-the-curve.

The debut 08 conference broke a lot of new ground and created a revitalized forum attracting 300 people and 80 speakers from 15 countries. 09 promises to build upon that foundation to create the only forum dedicated to defining and profiting from the post-telecom era.

Major topics of 09 (so far) will include:

* Voice and Video Evolution
* Open Spectrum
* Communications Enabling Business Processes, Especially B2C
* New Forms of Contactability and Connectability
* Mobile Social Networking (MoSoSo)
* Open Handsets & the Open Ecosystem
* Social Computing and the Social Web
* Convergence of Media with Personal Communications
* Open Communication Platforms
* Leveraging Cloud Computing
* Towards 4G Wireless
* Emerging Markets

The Emerging Communications Conference:

* Attracts executives and top influencer’s from across the telecom, mobile and Internet space
* Launches real-world startups
* Explores business models and new partnership structures
* Gives stage time to cutting-edge academic projects
* Presents views from the incumbent telecom players
* Stirs required policy debates
* Promotes garage based hacks
* Brings out visionaries
* Provides a venue to meet and do business, as well as be inspired
* Showcases bleeding-edge technologies
* Provides a critical forum for all players across the full spectrum

Why Attend 09?
The mammoth sized telecom industry - including cellular - is in the process of being re-written. You either stand on the side to be written into the past or instead join with the growing community to write the future.

Opportunities to profit from the radical restructuring and in accelerating the development of how humanity connects, communicates and collaborates have never been so great.

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Register. 20% off with the "skypejournal" discount code. For the Skype Journal team, see you there!


If you're thinking of coming now is the time to book.

If you are still making your mind up read the Q+A from the other day with independent telecom analyst Jon Arnold here:


Note the last paragraph:

"If you are in the communications/telecommunications field, you should take a look around the website and in particularly the agenda. If you've woken up and smelled the coffee, it should hit you like a ton of bricks that this is a MUST attend - not a nice to attend event."

Look forward to seeing many of you next week at http://eCommConf.com