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The trillion dollar telecommunications industry has already started down the path that the homebrew computer took three decades ago. Democratized computation gave birth to the computer industry. eComm tracks, highlights and promotes both the people and the technologies driving the democratization of communications innovation.

eComm brings out the visionaries, emergent technologies, real-world startups, cutting-edge academic projects, views from the incumbent telecom players; garage based hacks and stirs required policy debates to create the ultimate three-day conversation.

"The creation of eComm was to fill a large demographic void left by other telecom conferences and to provide a working forum to step forward beyond the current stagnant situation. People should attend if they are interested in seizing opportunities within the communications space, which are analogous to the opportunities presented as computation was democratized decades ago. It truly is exciting times when we step clear of seeing VoIP as the revolution or trundling out telecom-service marketing spiel." (interview with VoIP News)

Skype will open day 1 with a keynote from their general manager of voice and audio, Jonathan Christensen and Google will open day 2 with a keynote from their VP of wireless, Rich Miner.

Larger organizations speaking include

* British Telecom
* Consumer Federation of America
* frog design Inc.
* Google
* Intel Corp.
* Microsoft
* Motorola Inc.
* Netflix Inc.
* OpenMoko Inc.
* Orange-FT
* Ribbit Corp.
* Skype Ltd.
* Twitter
* Vodafone
* XMPP Standards Foundation
* Yahoo! Inc.

There are more than 65 speakers on board so far, many who are coming from innovative startups. To receive 15% off enter the discount code 'upcoming08'.

Official Website: http://www.eCommMedia.com

Added by eComm on January 22, 2008



What a boring blurb.

Ecomm will be an exciting and dangerous event.

Small, piratical entrepreneurs routing around telecom behemoths.

Search engines raiding spectrum.

Telcos rethinking generations' of rigidity.

Nobody wearing ties.

Adventure! Thought leadership! Mind Zombies from the Eigth Dimension!


Evan, you're awesome :)

Yep, this sounds like a great convergence of topics and people.

Maybe we can wear ties, just not where they're supposed to go.