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The position of the Internet is stronger then ever, so now is the time to invest with confidence.
With new legislation, new players, and a leading role played by consumers, Internet entrepreneurs have embraced 2007 as the year for seizing opportunities and speeding up and expanding business. In other words: Accelerate! 2007 allows you to discover those trends in digital business and marketing that are set to make a major impact in the next two years. High-profile speakers will share their vision with the audience, while the demos on the playground and in the labs will play a key role during the event as well. A wide range of innovative companies will let you experience the true meaning of the theme ‘Accelerate'.

The conference is the premier event of 2007 where inspiring speakers and innovative companies shed light on the latest technologies and trends.
The core event of 2007 is the conference, which showcases international speakers from a variety of Internet-related fields. 2007 is the foremost high-level e-business event in the Netherlands. The extensive promotional campaign and the success of the previous editions of ensure that a wide range of websites, blogs and print media will report on the event. The conference experience is enhanced by a number of interesting side events, while a variety of companies will communicate their innovative visions and exhibit exciting new products.

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Het programma staat hier:

En de sprekerslijst hier:

Onder de spekers bevinden zich:

* Dirk-Willem van Gulik - CTO
* Liam Mulhall - oprichter van Brewtopia, een open source biermerk
* Rolf Skyberg - "Disruptive Innovator" in het Innovation team van eBay
* Martin Stiksel - oprichter en CCO van Last FM (onderdeel van CBS)

* René Repko is marketingdirecteur van de HEMA
* Eric Peterson - specialist op het gebied van web analytics
* Biz Stone - Medeoprichter van Twitter,, en
* Rik Rensen - Crossmedia Director bij SBS

* Neil McIntosh - Head of editorial development Guardian Unlimited
* Tristan Nitot - President Mozilla Europe
* Lawrence Coburn - Oprichter van opinienetwerk RateitAll
* Mark Fletcher - Tevens oprichter van Bloglines

* Michiel de Gooijer - Head of Mobile TV & Video bij Endemol
* (...)