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Email is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It can create and strengthen the relationships you have with clients and deliver fantastic ROI. If, that is, you are doing it properly.

Are you getting the most from your email campaigns? Are you building those relationships and brand equity? Are you monitoring your efforts and integrating email seamlessly with your other communication channels?

In this fact-filled and enjoyable breakfast briefing, Digital Marketing expert, Andrew Lloyd Gordon will quickly summarise the most important things you should be doing.

In this informative and idea filled session, you'll discover 10 of the most vital methods to improve your delivery, open and conversion rates:

You'll learn:
• New ways to create content
• How to personalise your emails
• The best way to design your emails
• Ways to increase your open rates
• How to improve your subject lines
• Techniques to add zest to your copy
• Best practice techniques to increase delivery rates
• Why you might be classed as a spammer
• The importance of tracking and measuring your success
• What the laws says you can and cannot do

While email marketing doesn't have the current 'buzz' of social media, it still should be the bedrock of your digital marketing efforts. And when executed well can be extremely powerful.

Sign up to this breakfast briefing and find out how effective it can really be...

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