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Email continues to be an outstanding customer communications tool despite the challenges of deliverability, inbox stand-out and list member dormancy. In this course, an email marketing expert will show you how to improve results by addressing the challenges that all email marketers face.

The course will show you how to develop strategies to:
• Improve deliverability and email view-ability through minimising the impact of SPAM filters and different email reader platforms
• Use creative, copy and targeting to achieve stand-out within the inbox which converts readers to action
• Increase engagement of list members through varying email frequency, content and offers

You will find this course most useful if you have some experience of email marketing. It is designed for marketers or agency staff who are already managing email marketing campaigns or e-newsletters who want to squeeze more out of their communications.

After attending this course, you will be able to:
• Produce a plan to improve the results from email campaigns or e-newsletters
• Select the most appropriate segmentation and targeting options
• Devise approaches to maximise deliverability and view-ability
• Adopt an approach of continuous improvement to your campaigns

This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

Email marketing planning
• Setting realistic objectives
• Reviewing options for email communications preferences and profiles
• Defining an appropriate touch strategy
• Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting
• Strategies to improve deliverability
• Briefing on the latest privacy laws, guidelines and codes

Improving email campaign results
• Defining multi-message campaigns
• Multichannel marketing - integrating email with offline marketing
• Using behavioural / response-based targeting

Improving e-newsletter results
• Assessing current e-newsletter effectiveness beyond open and click rates
• Matching content and offers to audiences to achieve results
• Integrating e-newsletter and campaign activity
• Improving your e-newsletter templates to increase response

Official Website: http://www.e-consultancy.com/knowledge/events/1516/e--mail-marketing--london-training.html

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